What is entrepreneurship and who is an entrepreneur

According to Wikipedia, Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which is often initially a small business. The people who create these businesses are called entrepreneurs.

An entrepreneur is like a seed which is planted and expected to bear fruits. Seed as per agricultural term is of two types;it can be old or fresh which determines its output at the end of the season. Comparing the entrepreneur with a seed seems to be a personification but in reality they have a lot of things in common. A seed when planted with the hope of reaping its fruits at the end of the day may end up being trampled upon and this serves as a challenge in the life of the farmer.
    Every successful businessman or entrepreneur will face challenges in his or her undertaking no matter how large the capital base is, challenges will definitely and promptly show itself when the opportunity comes. As the saying goes, the beginning is always the hardest which is actually true as the beginning of a business venture will determine its future prospects. How well you handle the startup stage will go a long way in determining the future position of the business. To succeed in your business is not a day journey but may take months or years before it pays off which is the reason why for you to last longer in your business you must be innovative,creative and be a strategic manager.
    Let me promptly say that innovativeness is different from creativity in the sense that your innovation might be in form of a new product while creativity might deal with modify the existing ones to withstand the test of time. For you to become indispensable in any field you are there is a need for you to understand differences.            Understanding differences will open your eyes to opportunities. That's why for you to start as a successful entrepreneur  you need to look for a problem,problems that generates riches or wealth into your pocket. No matter how cool an environment or place may be, there will always exist a problem as problems and man are inseparable. Problems in entrepreneurship term does not refer to health issues or medical conditions but needs and wants that need to be satisfied. Human wants are unlimited therefore through the unlimited you create unlimited wealth.

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