Why consistency is a key to success

Success is everyone's dream. Everyone wish to be successful in everything they do no matter how little it is.
 A student wants to be successful in his academics. 
A doctor wants to conduct a successful operation. 
A businessman or woman wants success in form of profit in his or her business. Every professions have its own definition of success but all these profession without you will always be idle. Most time we don't become successful at what we do for the first time. There is need to do away with the mentality of instant gratification in anything you do. For any success you see physically, a price was paid and part of the ingredients for making success is consistency.
Consistency is your ability to keep up your efforts irrespective of the challenges encountered. People give up easily after first attempt while a low percentage are willing to make the second attempt. If don't fail, it means you aren't trying in the first place. 
Behind every successful stories you hear  or have heard are challenges that might not be open to the public. You have to keep doing your best to get whatever you want. One of the biggest mistake you will make in life is quitting when you are an inch closer to your success. See your failures or challenges as part of those things that will make you and not mar you. You are good enough to achieve everything good. 
You want a Lamborghini to drive in, a six or seven star hotel to lodge in, luxurious things to wear. It's all available for you as long as you are consistent. There is no shortcut to success. The best you can do is to be consistent and never quit. It's not going to easy but it will worth it.
 Be Consistent!
Post written by: Wasiu Hammed
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