How to achieve your goals better and faster

Goals simply put are one’s personal or collective ambition, effort or result expected to be achieved within an established period of time. As human, we set goals on daily basis to be achieve as at when due however most of these goals aren’t achieved at the end of planned period due to some reasons which are mostly personal.

Goals are divided into short term, medium term and long-term goals and may include activities such as building a house, buying a car, attending college, graduating with distinction, having a family among many other things.

To achieve this a lot of resources are at times sacrificed in order to achieve the goals which bring forth some sense of self-fulfillment on its accomplishments. Therefore, the ability to put in resources which may be financial or non-financial will affect the achievements of goals.   

In order to achieve your goals better and faster, the following steps are recommended

Plan appropriately

All goals where short, medium or long term must be planned appropriately and adequately in order to facilitate the achievement within the time framework. Your goals must adhere to the principle of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely). Specific implies that it must be defined clearly. Measurable implies that it must be achieve within a reasonable time in order to be classified as either in any of the terms. Achievable states that your goals must be something that can be achieve with the resources available. Realistic implies that all goals must be in with reality in order to be achieved.

Allocate resources to your goals

Your goals will require resources in order to be achieve within the established time. Some resources need to be committed to facilitate the achievement of goals. The resources might not necessarily be financial resources, it may have to do with your time, energy, effort, dedication as well as many other non-financial resources.

For instance, a person whose goals is to be worldly recognized author may not need any financial resources than hard work and dedication towards his creative writing. However, a person who intends to build worth over $50 million will need a lot of financial resources as well some financial resources in order to achieve these. Hence, different goals will need different types and sizes of resources therefore one must appropriate allocation in order to avoid wastage.

Avoid procrastination

One of the easiest ways of achieving goals is to avoid procrastination of all sorts. Procrastination does nothing to a plan but sabotage its achievement. Always make use of your time effectively and efficiently and avoid postponement of all the necessary things you can do now. The postponement of daily schedules or plans will affect the achievement of goals drastically as you might later be able to get it done in the future. You are never assured of what will happen in the next minute, hour or day. Therefore, ensure you get things done at the right time.

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  1. Some really useful points here, especially the one about procrastination (for me) -- thanks for sharing.


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