Top five (5) signs of procrastination

Procrastination is one of the most dangerous diseases that exist almost in everyone of us on earth. Simply put, procrastination is the act of postponing till later whatever we can do now. Everyday of our life we are faced with the option of procrastinating. While some of us learn it take full control of our day, some avoid walking the part and taking full control of the activities scheduled for the day.

There are various sign of procrastination and here are the top five signs of procrastination.

1. Getting up late

The idea of getting up late is something to write off to battle off procrastination. Many of the young ones today spend most time on beds than they do on activities which is a huge sign of procrastination. Spending too much of your in bed will in a way or the other affect your productivity.

In order to avoid getting up late, set alarms on your mobile phone and clocks.  Avoid late night chats which will keep you up till midnight depriving you of the ability to get a good rest as a result of late night rest. Try to get all the necessary things done during the day so you can return to the bed as soon as possible or at a specific time of the day.

2. Postponing your plans

As humans, we love satisfaction however this should not be at the detriment of what we are suppose to do or planned actions. Avoid postponing all or some of your daily plans in order to spend the time on unnecessary unless there is an emergency that necessitate such action.

The more you postpone what you are suppose to do, the harder you find it to do. Make sure you always do the things at the right time as the feeling of accomplishments will always be there when you are done with it.

Postponing your plans or tasks is like stabbing a dream. Remember the number of times and hours of time to get them ready for execution. Therefore, postpone no further as constant postponement is one of the deadly signs of procrastination in an individual’s life.

3. Wasting time on unnecessary or unimportant activities

Nowadays, most young people and some adults spend time on unnecessary/unimportant activities during the day leaving little or no time for self-development and creative thinking. The longer thetime you spend on unnecessary or unimportant activities, the longer you postpone what you are actually meant to do.

Reduce the number of hours spent on social media and its application if you are not monetizing your time on the software and stay away from long chat that are not productive. Fine, you don’t have to work all day however you must spend more time on necessary things than those things which are unnecessary or less important.


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