Why you should cultivate the habit of saving and investing.

Saving and investing are two ways of keeping money. Despite being similar in its usefulness and purpose, there is a wide difference between the two concepts. Put simply, saving is the act of keeping money with no future or expected return from the saved amount while investing is the act of saving money in form of projects with the expectation of future benefits.

Saving is most times affiliated to financial resources while investing maybe involve financial or non-financial resources. There are many good reasons why you should cultivate the habit of saving and investing in your life.


Nowadays, you can easily see people retiring in their 40s to have a good rest and enjoy the rest of their life. This is in contrast with what happened some few years back where people had to retire in their 50s, 60s or 70s have little or no time left for goals actualization.

The reason why most people retire early nowadays is because they have realized the benefit of early investment and saving during their youthful days. Most youth between the age of 18 and 25 now look for nice platforms and projects to invest their financial resources in.

Different projects and platforms have been created nowadays although its not necessary you invest in all these. You can invest in their idea you have harbored for a long time probably while you were brainstorming alone or with a group of friends on the staircase. The idea might be funny but actually set you on the part to financial independence.


Truthfully, everyone has that particular type of house, cars, accessories, etc. that he or she desire to have in life. To get everything you want or desire, there is need for the commitment of large financial resources depending on the size of the assets you intend to acquire either now or later.

There is no how you can commit financial resources or money to the acquisition of an asset when you haven’t saved or invest for financial benefits. Most of the richest and wealthiest men on earth learn the act of investing and saving earlier and took hold of the numerous advantages of the habit.

Investing most times involves risk however it is actually good to be a risk taker rather than playing the role of risk adverse most times. Saving is also great but saving for a long time without considering other options for growing funds is just opting for a single form of investment.

Saving is also a form of investment but the ability to work on projects with recurring benefits will beat the singular advantage of saving.

Unforeseen circumstances

The act of saving and investing will help you prepare against the unforeseen circumstances that may happen in the future. Most of the unforeseen circumstances that happens in one’s life will require some money to offset them and the absence of financial resources will only elongate the duration of such circumstances.

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