How to be productive in your 20s

While you are in your 20s, it is necessary to get some things done in order to make your future more beautiful and rewarding as your 20s will have a great impact in your life if the time is properly utilized. There are some people or youths preferably who was spent their 20s on non-productive activities only to realize the pain of the wasted time in the future where they might not be really opened to the opportunities, they had in their 20s.

It is not compulsory you have all your goals in your 20s however you should endeavor to lay and work on a plan for a better 30s, 40s and 50s. Nowadays, people in their 20s are achieving a lot of great things. People in their 20s are becoming best selling author, professor, inventors, leaders as well as many as other great profession you can think of.

It is a proven fact that your 20s or the activities you engage in while in your 20s will go a long way in defining your professional and personal life better than any other decade of your life.  A lot of people are less productive in their 20s with the mentality of still being young. You are meant to take a lot of risks, taking on some great courses, build a good network, engage in healthy activities in your 20s.

You are not free from making mistakes in your 20s however this will only be an eye opener for you to avoid in your 30s. You will definitely make some mistakes which may be big or small however it’s a good thing for you as long as you keep learning from them as you are still in your first decade of adulthood while heading for the second decade. Some of the ways to make your 20s great include;

Pen down your goals

It is very important that you set goals and write them as doing this will create a sense of urgency and value of these goals to you. While in your 20s, you should set goals you want to achieve in the next five, ten or twenty years of your life as you are already in the defining decade. Writing your goals will help you erase the feeling of fantasy or day dreaming in your life as you will be more encouraged seeing your goals staring at you every single day of the week. Your goals in your 20s might include having a college degree, taking up an online course, learning an income skill, saving a large sum of money and investing, writing/publishing a book etc.

Avoid copying others

Many people nowadays are fond of copying others. This goes beyond lifestyle most times as many people copy the dreams, goals and aspiration of others forgetting that everyone in life has different set of skills, abilities and passions. In life, everyone one has different question paper so stop trying to copy other but rather focus on your own questions so you can smile and be a winner at the end of the journey. Never use other expectations, values and belief as yardstick for measuring your own efforts and accomplishments. This can be very tempting but never fall into that pit of temptation. Living your life on your own terms will really help you go far than you think in life.

Never regret the past

Note that whatever happens in the past should stay there. Never bring the past to your present. There are two type of people which include those who live their lives looking at the past and those who live their lives looking at the future. It’s better to belong to the latter than the former. Your past live and action can only weigh you down in the journey toward a bright future. Therefore, while in your 20s let go of those past but hold the lessons tight in order not to make the same mistake.

Take care of your health

One of the best times to take care of your health is in your 20s. Take note of the type of things you consume as the result might not show until you are in 30s or 40s. Many of those in their 30s and 40s today are ready to trade money for good health due to the fact that they never took it seriously and cared for it while in the 20s. Avoid dangerous and bad addictions such as smoking, drinking in order to have a better health and enjoy yourself for the rest of your life. Make sure you do some form of exercises in order to stay fit for daily activities as well.  

Start saving and investing

You don’t have to wait till you are 30 or 40 before you start to cultivate of habit of saving and investing. Don’t spend all you earn while in your 20s as those opportunities you have might be limited or cease to exist while in your 30s and 40s. Save a little out of every money you earn and you might be shocked at the figures at the end of the year. Make sure you gather the right information before investing in order to avoid wastages. Also, you can invest in yourself by learning new skills, furthering your education by acquiring more degrees.

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