How to become a successful entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in life. Apart from it being a big decision, it is also a profitable one provided you are dedicated and consistent with your entrepreneurial activity. To become a successful entrepreneur is not an easy race as many people actually left the race when the going got tough. Having a low level of consistency will only make quit the entrepreneurship pursuit soon. You are an entrepreneur once you see and act like a solution provider to people’s problem and satisfying their needs through your daily activities. Entrepreneurs are mostly risk takers as they dedicate a lot of resources in order to be both useful successful in whatever line of profession they choose to pursue in life. The fact is nothing comes easy therefore you must be prepared for all form of uncertainty as life itself is unpredictable.

An entrepreneur is simply a person or someone who thinks and craft ideas, products or services that are beneficial to individuals or organizations in the society and could help in solving some of the problems that exist in the society. An entrepreneur is someone who should be prepared for criticism and failures that comes along with becoming great and successful and also engage in constant learning, improvement, self-development and knowledge application.

In order to become a successful entrepreneur, it’s very important to take note of the past mistakes and apply it to the present opportunities and circumstances. Many entrepreneurs nowadays have one or two mentors in the field of entrepreneurship already. Having successful entrepreneur as mentors will help you in becoming a successful entrepreneur in one way or the other as those entrepreneurship stories they once or do share will serve as guidance and motivation to your while on your path towards becoming a successful entrepreneur. Despite the numerous benefits of having mentors in the journey of entrepreneurship, not everyone may easily find an entrepreneurship mentor to aid the journey. It is not necessary you have one on one contact with your mentor but the activities of reading through their journey and stories might give you the needed lift towards becoming great and successful.

Entrepreneurs are provided with different tips on how to get the journey started in life. One of the most important tips in the process is to identify a problem. This might not necessary be in form of physical products but digital products or a solution that will help people to solve their problem and achieve their needs and wants through the solution you provide. As an entrepreneur, you must challenge yourself to become with what you do. Keep doing it every day, make adequate research and apply new ideas and concept to make you better and set you up on the journey to success as an entrepreneur. Your passion is also very important in becoming a successful entrepreneur. You should identify your what you really love to do and keep doing it. Doing what you are passionate about will keep you energized, happy and motivated in the journey towards success.

Risk taking is another important aspect of entrepreneurship. We are always faced with risks everyday as soon as we wake up even while asleep because a lot can happen during one’s sleep. Becoming risk neutral on the journey on the entrepreneurship will keep you away from writing your success stories as soon as possible as every entrepreneur is a potential risk taker. Risk taking might be different as a result of professional. Take a risk by publishing that old writing of yours, record that freestyle song, produce that hygienic product, advertise or take those courses, work with that professional team, make that podcast, etc. Doing all best can help you become great and successful even when you think its not good enough or the time is not right as you have always procrastinated in the past. Procrastination will never take you in the journey of life not to talk of entrepreneurship as you will always need to do the right thing at the right time in order to constantly develop yourself and set yourself up for success.

Some of the other things you need to do as an entrepreneur is to believe in yourself and what you do. Have a realistic mission and vision and ensuring that they are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound). This will help in guiding you on the path towards the path of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Network and meet other people in order to gain new knowledge and insights in order to upgrade and develop your entrepreneurship activities. You must also gather right financial and non-financial resources as an entrepreneur. These resources can be financial or non-financial resources. Raising your capital and finance status is very important as you will need to commit a lot in order to become successful in your entrepreneurship pursuits. As an entrepreneur, you can gather more financial resources for your business as an entrepreneur through personal savings, borrowing from family and friends, fundraising and other means of obtaining financial resources that require little or no collaterals. Obtaining loan with higher interest might keep your business indebted to the financial institution for so long thereby elongating and postponing the payback period.

Always learn from your mistakes as an entrepreneur as this will guide and prevent you from making such mistakes later in life and future. Learn from others as well because someone will definitely learn from your own entrepreneurship story when you eventually become a great and successful entrepreneur. As a start up or entrepreneur willing to be successful in the journey, you must learn how to do things on your own or form a great team if the task requires collaboration, inspire yourself and those around you, be ambitious and strive to be better, trust your instincts, uphold great and unique values, learn how to build and nurture long term business relationships, be courteous and humble, pay attention to every details, develop a feasible business plan, build great networks, have a good customer relationship, apply digital skills to your effort, promote your goods and services using the fee marketing tools, shun procrastination, manage risk through insurance and other viable means and so on. Doing all these will make you become a successful entrepreneur while ensuring you also have a closer connection with God in line with your unwavering dedication, persistence and hard work.

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  1. I think that most bloggers are entrepreneurs at heart. I completely agree with the benefit of mentors in the success of any venture you may undertake. For me, having the courage to take the risk is inherent in all entrepreneurs and part of what drives them forward. I believe that's why someone with that spirit is likely to chase many opportunities, even once finding a successful one.



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