How to keep a relationship strong and happy

Having a strong and happy relationship has a lot of benefits which is why everyone or partners should strive to make relationships a happy and strong. In order to keep a relationship strong and happy, one needs to make some little sacrifices as these would make it possible to sort any differences that could to fights and disagreements among the partners involved in the relationship. No one should over expect from anyone in any relationship as too much expectations from someone often leads to disappointment which is mostly painful at times.

One of the ways to keep a relationship happy and strong is by making the relationship friendly. Before becoming lovers, you must have been friends. No matter the level you are in a relationship, you should always remember the foundation was deeply rooted in friendships. Being friend with your partner and considering them as one will allow avoid unnecessary arguments, share your thoughts and spend quality time together. Always learn how to treat your partner with respect, kindness and consideration the same way you will treat a trusted and good friend. The treatment shouldn’t be one sided but done by both partners in order to keep the friendship strong.

Always learn how to share your thoughts and try not to focus on trifles. In a relationship, you should always learn to share your thought with your partner. Be open minded about your likes and dislikes in order to keep your relationship safe and happy. Communicate your thoughts and avoid keep things to yourself. Remember a good relationship is always built on trust therefore share your ideas and thought with each other in order to keep the level of trust high. Often a seemingly little or minor issue is most times a manifestation of a bigger problem therefore you should always talk about what is bothering and iron out every little issues you might have with each other to make the relationship strong and happy.

Be affectionate with your partner. Learn how to show affection towards your partner daily as this will help create more deep connection and trust between you and your partners. The show of affection might not be sexually related most time but might come in form of gifts, dates and other lovely ways of showing love and affection towards one another. You can surprise your partner in a relationship on his or her special days and outside the non-special days as well. The show of love and affection should also not be one sided to keep the relationship happy and strong. You should share your thought whenever you are not receiving the attention you desire.

It is very important to recognize and understand that all relationships have ups and downs in its lifetime. Always think of your relationship as an investment which is often long term. Learn how to ride during the ups and downtime of the relationship. One of the rules to master and apply during the time is never to give up. Most of the happy and strong relationship you see today has suffered some challenges in the past but the resolve to keep working on it made a happy ending for it. There are times when the pressures to opt out will be high so you have to try and never give in until you have exhausted all avenues of making it great again which is not common as there will always be a way to make your relationship great, strong and happy.

Lastly, always set up relationship goals. Look and forecast your relationship in the next two, five or ten years. This will give more clarify and provide some meaning to your relationship even during the trying moments which we can’t escape.

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  1. It certainly helps that the person you're in a relationship with is also a friend, genuinely someone you want to be around and walk through life with. Lovely post!

  2. This post was honestly the perfect reminder for me to get my head on straight. Due to the lack of good relationships I have had in the past, I realised over time I have become less communicative, more reactive, and just expect things to just fall into place for me with little effort. Now, that I have been in an amazing relationship for the past 3 years, I have been getting a lot better but at times I still fall off and need a little reminder. I hate when I start to see old bad habits come up in my new relationship because he does not deserve it. This post helped a lot, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I am glad it really helped you.


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