How to plan your life and make decisions

We will always need to plan in almost all stages of our life. There is no one who doesn’t plan in life however it is the process of planning that will help in determining the formality of the plan. You will always need to plan in order to achieve success in life as planning is pivotal to lifetime success. Many of the great, rich and famous people you look up to as mentor today become such a wonderful being by having a plan and working on it. You should never set up a journey without a man. Plans will always be there to guide you and activities any day and anytime you need. You should never give up on your plans as many of them will definitely take a longer time to achieve and the end journey will definitely worth the level of commitment and consistency given to it.

The decisions we make in life will either make or mar us as those little whispers in our hearts and the actions that follow is pivotal to our live and the way we live. While many people are enjoying their life as a result of the decision they took either while they are still young or in their prime, many are also sad, depressed and living unhappily due to the decisions they took while in their youthful days and prime. It is very important to weigh the merit and demerits of one’s actions and decisions when making them. It is very important to note that we make decisions everyday of our life whether we are young or old. We make a decision to wake up and work, to take our bath, to learn a skill, to exercise, to make a meal and as many other decisional activities. You should keep striving on how to make the right decisions all the time however this is not always happening as we will make some mistakes with our decisions sometimes.

Almost everyone in life has dreams, goals and aspirations. There is always something we want to achieve or prove to be true in our lifetime. Those aspirations, dreams and goals are nothing without the right planning and decisions. You have heard about projects worth millions of dollars failing due to wrong planning and also big dreams lying on the bed as a result of inadequate planning and decisions that can help foster its achievement on or before the deadline. Every organization and individual spend minutes and hours thinking about what we want to achieve but most time fail to achieve them not as a result of laziness but due to the lack of feasible and realistic plans. The ability to plan or have a life plan can help in serving us with a guide or roadmap in making those dreams, aspirations and goals we have in minds, in notes and harbor secretly a reality.

Planning your life will help when you feel you are no longer in control of your life and making the wrong decisions, when you keep struggling to make the right decisions, when life is moving into the wrong direction in your own feeling. Life planning will help in your achieving your life goals, dreams and aspirations. All feasible and realistic goals can be achieved in life with the right planning and decisions. Yeah, there are times when people have unrealistic goals as well. Having realistic goals, aspirations and dream will help you plan in the right direction and see the worth of every progress made. Your plans and decisions don’t really have to be bulky or detailed rather it can be simple both in terms and rigidity as life itself is unpredictable. You should always take note and be considerate of unforeseen circumstances in life as this will provide with more clarity when making decisions on a plan.

Some of the importance of planning and make the right decisions is that it helps to make your dreams, goals and whatever aspiration you may have in life a reality giving the needed confidence and urge to take actions and overcome the fear of failure; it helps in identifying and taking note of your priority giving you more clarity on the next step you should always take in life; planning your life also helps to keep you energized, motivated and make better decisions. It is important you note down your goals and aspirations sometimes in order to stay focused on time and this should be placed where you can see it every day in your room.

In order to plan your life and make great decisions, there are some steps you have to following as this will provide you with a guide on how to plan your life and make great decisions that can help to shape your life in the right way.


One of the first thing I would recommend is the action of thinking, you should always think on what you want to achieve in life and how you want to achieve them. Thinking will provide you with different number of ways you can use to achieve your goals and also give you a chance to reflect and re-strategize. Therefore, make sure you think before you plan and also plan after you think.

Vision and Mission

After thinking about your life plan, you should craft out the mission and vision of your life. Simply put, your mission is your goals and objectives in the short run while your vision is your goal in the long run. The life mission you have and set is pivotal and a key instrument to your life vision. The vision and mission in your life plan is the summary of your long term and short-term goals, dreams and aspirations.

Prioritize your life

 After you have successfully drafted your life mission and vision, the next step you ought to take is on how to prioritize your life and things you do to achieve your goals. Avoid procrastination let go of things that will slow you down and learn how to invest your time and resources wisely in order to go further in life and achieve success.

Identify and stick to your values

Your values are your own principles and standard of behavior or your judgement of what is important in life. Looking at your past and how you have lived will help you identify and note your values. Always keep tabs of the motivating factors that has pushed and shaped you for so long in life. These values when identified will help in making the right decisions that can aid the workout of your plan in life.

SMART goals

Make sure your goals are SMART that is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound. All these ingredients must be attached to your goals will help you and make your goals a realistic one and achievable.

Take action and adjust when necessary

Your plans won’t achieve itself; you have to take necessary actions and work towards the plan every day. Remember that life is unpredictable therefore make sure you are ready to adjust yourself to the new plan and situations where necessary in life.  

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