How to quit your job properly

Nowadays there are some employees or professionals who like to quit their jobs due to dissatisfaction and many other jobs or personal related reasons. Some of the reasons why people quit their job might be due to opportunity for new job, personal conflicts, dissatisfaction with job responsibilities, work environment dissatisfaction, the stuck feeling, difficult job schedules, relocation, differences in values with that of the company vision and mission.

Quitting a job is one of the most important decision that any human being will make in his or her life because many things are attached to quitting what makes you earn some money probably in form of wages or salaries. The covid-19 pandemic which happened some years back really made some of the employees and professionals to reevaluate their careers leading to the question of the right or wrong career in their lonely thoughts. Although many of these employees are already engaged in the evaluation process before the start of the pandemic however one must ensure that there is a good reason for quitting a job in order to end up being satisfied with the decision to quit at the end of the whole process.

Financial reasons are also some of the reasons why some employees or professionals quit their job in search for a job with a better offer and benefits at the end of the work process. Almost everything we want or desired in life will require money as the instrument used in obtaining therefore one must have a good source of income in order to be able to foot the bills and expenses that come with living in life. Although the financial gains from a job shouldn’t be the most important reason when choosing a job however the job you engage and the company you work for should compensate you fairly and reasonably based on your job experiences and efforts exerted within the years spent in the company.

It has been researched and established that over 4.5 million Americans voluntarily left their job in one of the months of the year and this remains one of the highest rates of employee turnover ever recorded. The act of quitting jobs and switching jobs is usually a reliable way to help one secure a meaningful raise, increase job satisfaction, earn more rewards, gather more work experiences, improve work lifestyle among other benefits however the process is never to be rushed as the quitting a job without a careful planning might lead to poor decisions which might affect the individuals. Some of the things before quitting your job are

Carry out introspection

Before you make the reason to quit your job, you should begin with some tasks of introspection for yourself. You should ask yourself the reasons behind your decisions to quit the job and what motivates you to take such decision. Make sure you know the way forward before making such important decisions in your life. This is one of the important things that career coaches suggest and insist that every who wants to leave their jobs should ask themselves before making such decisions. This is very important because some people are merely absorbed with other’s visions of success rather than their own when the job they are currently on provide them with the required level of job satisfaction. Look at your reasons first and ask yourself the core essence you are looking forward towards changing.

Financial Check up

One of the best ways to leave or quit your current job is having another job already lined up for you immediately you quit however this is not always the case most times. Whenever you plan to quit a job without no other job opportunities in sight, you should conduct a financial check up on yourself and know how far you can go while you are searching for a new job with the desired qualities. Start by making a list of your compulsory and non-negotiable monthly expenses which might include feeding, house rent, car payments, utilities fees, child care and every other need which is vital to your living. Unless if you have saved up a large sum of money to cater for these expenses, you should always consider and make sure you save up money for three-to-six-month monthly expenses. This will keep you throughout the month of job search and help you stay focused in search for better opportunities.

Give notice before you quit

Never quit or leave your job without an appropriate notice as this will affect your reputation you have built in the company you work for. Learn how to communicate you intention to quit in the most reasonable way and shun the idea of disappearing like you weren’t employed legally. Giving two weeks’ notice is still the common practice nowadays and all your conversation on your decision to quit should be with the manager and not just any random employee in the company. This will allow the company the time to reflect and carry out the necessary due processing for any leaving employee.

You might probably need to write a resignation letter to either the human resource manager or supervisor indicating your intention to leave the company. While many managers might get furious and ask you to leave right away, you shouldn’t be rude and ensure you receive all the necessary benefits and bonuses you have with the company as contain in your letter of employment before taking the final leave.

Nurture relationships and keep connections

After informing the manager of your decision to quit your job, it is highly necessary to inform those whom you have built connections with in the company while working as an employee. This can be done over some cup of drinks or during the lunch breaks. This is the appropriate way of communication as the manager might possibility hear it out if you had informed them first thereby causing issues in the company and creating a ruckus between you and the management of the company.

Always keep up chat with those you wanted to build connections before you decision to quit and those with whom you had connection with when you leave. This will really help you in your job journey most especially if you are in the same industry and look forward towards great recommendations by the senior colleagues and members of the company top management.

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  1. One of the most important things to do, is to make sure you leave your job in a friendly and professional manner. Those former employers and colleagues will probably become references in future.


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