Why divorce is not the best answer

One of the major trends nowadays is how couples get divorced over little issues that might have happened between them.  It is estimated that there are about twelve divorces in the United States every one minute. A psychologist once said divorce is never something to be expressed or considered until one or two of the partners have explored every avenue of the making the marriage work together again. Even the holy books are not really in support of couples divorcing however where the disadvantages of staying are higher than the advantages, one must take the necessary steps toward saving each other.

Most of the things that accompany divorce have proved that the idea is not a solution to every problem in marriage. Emotional stress, changed behaviors are some of the problems of divorce.  There is always a high possibility that divorce will even create more problems than being in marriage with one partner. You will need to always think again if you are not happy with your marriage and think that divorcing is the best solution for your unhappy marriage.

As couples, you must be constantly checking each other and making necessary amendments in your marriage life. You are not expected to keep blaming another person or partner for the problems that occur in marriage or trying to change your partner forcefully. Trying to change one’s partner is not a convenient way to manage the problem and sometimes might become long term pain. Thinking that divorce will only change this is not true because most of the problems attached to divorced couples are often taken into the new relationship.

At times, divorce is suggested by one of the partners who is ready to give up and thinking of walking a new path. The end of a marriage does not signify the end of the problem that led to the divorce among the married partners. Divorce seems to happening more and more nowadays due to the lack of patience and ability to make efforts toward saving the marriage. All marriages have issues and problems however the ability to withstand and making necessary changes will help to determine the longevity of the marriage.

Marriage researches have shown that the unhappiest marriages in life have witnessed the most drastic turnabouts when the partners solve problems together or those trying time simply passed by the couple. Divorce talks might arise from partners as a result of infidelity, mistrust, lies, deceit, low communication, addiction, physical and emotional abuse. Many of those who are happily married today were faced with this problem in the beginning stage of their marriage life.

Couples with serious marital problems might adopt divorce as the best option when the level of perseverance in one of the partner’s lives is low. There are some marital problems that can solved without the option of divorce. Divorce will only be an option where staying will endanger the physical and emotional wellbeing of the partner. A marriage full of physical abuses isn’t worth staying however efforts should be exerted before making such decisions in order to save one’s future and that of the children if there is any.

Some of the proven solutions to divorce include going for counseling, talk about your needs, spend more quality with your partner, accountability, accept each other shortcomings and never opt for divorce in your marriage life.

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