Why you should be consistent with what you do

One of the most important things you have to realize in life as soon as you grow into maturity is the power of consistency in all what you do. In order to achieve your goals and plans in life you must be consistent in everything you do.  It is one of the ingredients used in cooking success. Many of those you look up to today in the world are at that spot due to consistency.

There is always a difference in the level of consistency we will always have as a result of individual differences however there is a need for your level of consistency to be high in order to get to that spot you desire. There is no reward for inconsistency rather you will lose a lot of resources that could have been fruitful if you had been more consistent.

Hard work and perseverance will go line in line with consistency therefore as you are consistent you must also be hardworking and preserve in your activities. You must avoid the trap of procrastination in order to be hardworking. The more you postpone the things you need to do on time, the more procrastination becomes part of you.

Everyone of us have goals which is either long term or short-term goals. For instance, the goals to be in top list of one or two of the world categories will require you to be consistent. The idea you have been working might take years before you achieve it so don’t give up while it gets tough rather you should try to be more consistent and prayerful as you will get there at the desired time.

Looking at the world right now, we could hear of big names like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and many others. These are people who understood the power pf consistency in life and adopted the tool in their works. It might take them a few years but at the desired spot right now. Despite achieving all these they are still being consistent in order to maintain their spot or move higher in this competitive world.

If you are an aspiring author, you should keep working on that particular book or novel you have been on for the past months. When you have successfully published it, keep your promotion up till you make a name in the game. Whether you are in another profession, try to be hardworking and consistent in your duty and you will definitely be in the spot you desired.

The power of consistency must never be underrated as long as you want your goals achieved. A lot of short-term and long-term goals would have been achieved if we got more consistent with whatever we did in life.  It is a total fact that if you can learn and work consistently, you will have more believe in yourself, discover greater strength and opportunities than when you were inconsistent.

The ability to make use of the simple process of consistently involves unleashing the power of focus and believe within yourself. Your goals will never be achieved easily, a lot of challenges lies ahead however you must keep your head up and refuse to give up. The more consistent you are, the more reasonable and achievable your goals become.

Being consistent is what will give you the strength and energy to keep moving and going during the times of challenges or tough times and will help you to focus on the progress and not majorly the outcome because most times the struggle is in the process. The success of the process will help to determine the success of the outcome as well.

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  1. I agree. Once I've started being consistent it is so much easier to keep going. And also to build on the progress. Whenever I stop and become inconsistent I find it so much harder to start again and just end up procrastinating so much!


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