5 top reasons why relationships fail in today's world

The failure of relationships among loved ones today is attributed to a lot of reasons. Many relationships started on a very good note but failed at the end of the journey due to some reasons. There is no relationship without mistakes therefore everyone in a relationship should always make an effort to correct these mistakes which may be individual mistakes at times in order for the growing relationship not to fail. There are a lot of critical reasons why the relationships fail to reach its desired target and doesn’t go the distance that has been planned for it. There are a lot of reasons why many relationships fail today and some of these reasons include poor communication, selfishness, lack of respect, loss of trust and inexpression of gratitude.

Poor Communication

Great relationships are built on a good communication system. Many relationships were initially built on good communication which later became poor overtime. Having poor communication in a relationship is not good for the relationship and will shorten the relationship lifecycle faster than you think. You should communicate with your partner or loved ones on daily basis in order to give the needed assurance and security in a relationship. Although most people lack training on how to communicate with their partners or loved ones and always model the communication skills they learnt from their parents or while they were growing up thereby causing a lot of problem and misunderstanding between partners and loved ones as a result of improper or poor communication. Communicating poorly in relationships will lead to relationship failure and conflicts among partners.


A successful relationship can never thrive on selfishness. It requires a lot of selflessness and reciprocating affections in a very good way. Most humans or individuals are naturally selfish due to the inherent survival instincts but the mentality and instinct needs to be subdued whenever one is in a relationship that you want to last for a very long time. Thinking for yourself only will only make the relationship fail even after it has started. The act of selfishness has no spot in a relationship that wants to be successful. Each and every partner should be ready to comprise some of his or her personal feelings or interests. Being selfish in a relationship will make it fail and no selfish person ever hard a long and successful relationship no matter the level of endurance. When a relationship lack empathy, the relationship life will be short-lived and ultimately head for doom.

Lack of respect

There is no one who doesn’t want to be respected. Respect will give you an individual a sense of value and recognition. Many relationships fail today due to the lack of respect between partners and loved ones. Disagreements will always occur in a relationship and the ability for those involved in the relationship to settle the disagreements without hurting each other will be greatly attributed to the level of respect that they have for each other. It’s important to identify and know how you will treat and interacts with your partners or loved ones during conflicts or disagreement. Having contempt in a relationship is the biggest predictor of divorce. The lack of respect for each other in a relationship will cause a drift in a growing relationship.

Loss of trust

One of the biggest reasons for the failure of relationships in today’s world is the lack of trust. One of the most important ingredients used in building a strong and successful relationship is having a great sense of trust and security among the partners. Finding your partner unreliable or seeing him or her as a type who lack emotional trust or support might lead to a low level of trust in a relationship. Lying in a relationship no matter how small it is can have a powerful consequence no matter its type whether it’s a white lie or real lie. While most white lies are often inconsequential or minor, the real lies will always have a far-reaching impact than we can think of. It is important to note that relationship that thrives on lying, jealousy or infidelity will surely lead to loss of trust which will lead to relationship failure.

Inexpression of gratitude

It’s good to always show gratitude and appreciation to your partner when they do things that makes you happy. Never refuse to show gratitude and appreciation to your partner in order to make your relationship happy and strong. Remember to thank them for the hard work they do at home or for you when you need to get something done. Not showing gratitude will sense a feeling of non-appreciation to your partner. Taking a partner for granted in your relationship will undermine the longevity of your relationship. Expression of gratitude will help your partner or loved one know that they are appreciated and increase the emotional health of your relationship.

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