7 signs you're not ready to get married

The act of getting marriage is one of the biggest decisions one make in his or her life. Getting married is one of those many people think about and really look forward to as they continuously age in life. In order to get married, one has to find a suitable and responsible partner who is worthy of getting married to in order to successfully paddle the canoe of marriage.

Despite the widely acclaimed importance and relevance of marriage, many people nowadays are not ready to get marriage and would rather stay single as getting married is a huge milestone in an individual’s life. There are some signs that you are not ready to get married. Some of the well expressed below:

1. Not ready to become a someone’s partner

The idea and thought of becoming someone’s partner are one of the signs that aren’t ready to get married. This is common most especially if you are a type who have always put himself or herself first in any circumstances. Marriage involves a lot of compromises and putting your partner first at times so the idea of putting yourself at all times isn’t something that is always common when you get married therefore if you aren’t really ready for compromise and a rethink of your me-first value then you aren’t ready to get married.

2. Not ready to take responsibility

You will need to take responsibility when married, the inability to do this or make this decision will only show you aren’t ready to get married. You must be prepared to accept whatever your partner might do at times and really to reciprocate the love and attention you will receive from the partner you choose.

3. Avoiding the talk

When you avoid the talk of marriage even you have the resources and qualities of getting married and you still avoid the talk whenever the conversation comes up shows that you are not ready to get married. Many people nowadays avoid the conversations based on what they hear about the issues that happens between married couples and trying to save themselves the stress. However, it should be noted that no marriage is free from struggles therefore avoidance is not a remedy but a sign you are not ready to get married to another person.

4. Single love

Staying singles for many years will only make it harder for you to make the decision of marriage. Being single will only make not ready to compromise as you will have grown like that as well in your routines and lifestyle making it hard to give up the lifestyle the longer you stay in the zone. Getting marriage means you will have to start sharing your lifestyle and routines with someone else and can be quite terrific if you are not prepared for the journey.

Not being ready to let go of your independence and single lifestyle will only reveal your lack of interest in getting married as you will need to start sharing both physical and non-physical resources such as your time and space when you are married.

5. Concern for wedding

Planning weddings and having it done is undoubtedly and unarguably very stressful apart from the financial resources to be allocated to such events. This is one of the reasons why some people keep pulling off the idea of getting married as a result of planning and picturing a perfect wedding for themselves. While the cost and expenses of getting married is relatively low in some countries, some people are still not ready to have an event of companionship.

It’s not compulsory you have a big wedding ceremony, you can plan with some of your close relatives and invite some relatives to grace the event and this should be people who care about your opinions, ideas and happiness. Therefore, never be afraid of having wedding and avoid the thinking that it can land your in a debt situation.

6. Fear of Parenting

Many are afraid and not ready to get married due to the fear parenting. The ideas of having and raising kids is one of the reasons why some aren’t ready to get married today. It is not compulsory you plan for kids immediately you get however this will only work if there is a mutual understanding between the partners.

Parenting is a great responsibility and not as difficult as many people perceive the task but a great journey of raising and making socially responsible individuals or creating yourselves in another form. As long you are afraid of becoming a parent, it will surely affect your interest in marriage although the task can be delayed even when you get married.

7. Low level of Confidence

When your mind is still wavering about your decisions and who you are planning to get married to, you aren’t ready to get married. Having confidence in your partner you are willing to get to and the decision to wed so is one of the vital ingredients of a great marriage relationship.

Getting married with low level of confidence, due to pressures or threats is a sign that you are not ready to get married and forcing the marriage through is a sign that your marriage may not last long.

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