8 tips on how to win in life

Everyone in life wants to win. Nobody wants to lose as there is no advantage attached to loosing in life. Mistakes are allowed as no one is perfect except the Creator of the universe however the mistakes we make in life should the type that guide and leads us towards the winning path in life. Winning in life could be in form of achievements or feats sometimes. Not all winning are physical and tangible. Having peace of mind and good mental health is a win for some people in life as well.

Ever since the beginning of the universe and time human beings were created, winners have always been appreciated and praised in many ways while losers may suffer from low self-esteem and poor recognition for efforts. For you to win you must never quit or give up just as the saying goes that “winners never quits and quitters never win”. Winners are mostly celebrated and it is one of the major milestones in one’s life which the society revolve around.

Winning in life will help to boost your individual confidence and self-esteem. Winning in life taste very sweet which is why most people struggle to keep up their game even when it seems difficult. Not quitting when things get tough will allow your desire to win greater than the fear of losing boosting your morale at the end of the day. To win in life, you should take note and make of the tips recommended below:

1. Set your goals

For you to win a particular thing, you will need to have a goal tied to that particular thing. One of the first step to winning in life is settings your goals which can be either short term or long-term depending on the years it will take to achieve such goals. Every one who partake in a race have a goal to win the race in the first place. You will need to have a definite goal with a specific target in order to win and measure your achievements. Having goals will help stay focused rather than exerting your efforts aimlessly.

2. Never be afraid to fail

Never be afraid to fail to win if you really want to win in life as most winners will experience failures at one time or another in life. Failures should never demotivate you as they are part of the learning process towards winner. Failure doesn’t always translate to loosing. It’s just a setback which you must never give in to in order to win.  Learn to get the best out of every failure, identify and note the lessons and use them as guide in the future to help you win in life.

3. Learn and re-learn everyday

Always be ready to learn and re-learn new things every day. Never let a day pass-by without learning something new as this will you increase your knowledge on things, your goals and life generally. You can learn by reading a book that will contribute to your life positively, meet new people and have productive conversations. Having a good knowledge which is more equally translates to power when it comes to winning in life.

4. Accountability

Never push the blames to other when there is a mistake in your life or what you do. Learn how to be accountable and responsible for actions that are tied to your goals and targets. Avoid making excuses when things go wrong and right the wrong in order to keep pushing towards winning in life. For you to be a winner, you must be ready to be self-aware and accountable for your mistakes understanding the decisions and choices that lead to such mistakes. Never make excuses but find solutions to every mistake that happens.

5. Have a winning habit

To win in life, you must have and form a winning habit in your life and most of these habits are sometimes hard to develop. It is sometimes you must do and have in order to win. In order to develop these habits, you have to develop a new perspective when looking or analyzing things that happens and recognizing as a good or bad challenge. Always challenge yourself on daily basis and make sure you doing something on daily basis that are in line with your goals.

6. Be focused and committed

Setting and focusing on your goals will bring you closer to winning in life than you think. What really matters in winning I how you keep your focus towards the finishing line of what you are currently on. Never be slack on anything but always keep your body, mind and focus on your goal. Not taking your goals seriously implies that you are not focused and you can’t be a winner when you lack seriousness, committed and focus.

7. Take winning risks

Winning in life requires you to take some risks at some point in life. Never keep avoiding risks in life as you might miss a great opportunity by being too cautious and being more of a risk adverse. Loosing an opportunity once might be the end of the opportunity in your life as there may not be a second opportunity to take advantage of.

8. Work hard than others

You must be ready to work hard than others in order to have a winning spirit. Never do less than your daily target but more in order to help you become a great winner in life. Never forget that more effort you make towards achieve your goals, the better the results you will end up achieving at the end of the journey. Remember that having a good mix of determination and hard work in your daily activities can make the impossible possible and make you a winner in life.  

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  1. Great tips, I've gotten used to failing and now I'm getting better and better. Thank you for sharing!


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