How to be a manager for dummies

A manager is commonly referred to as the person who supervises both human and non-human resources while ensuring their effective and efficient utilization for the success of the company or organization. They are responsible for achieving the goals of the company or firm through the efficient and effective utilization of the resources available. Almost everyone who lead is called a manager and many actually thought of the position as a type that requires a lot of experiences and actions in order to be a good one. Many companies have failed today due to bad management or through the hire of a bad manager to lead the company to success.

As a dummy or beginner in management sphere, the following steps are needed in order to become a manager and manage the available resources at your disposal to success:

Build a team and add value

In order to have the title of a manager, you must assemble a team which you must lead in order to help you become a better manager with necessary experiences. Having a team will exposes to different people and resources at your disposal which you must efficiently and effectively manage in order to achieve the goals and objectives of your firm. As a manager, you must add value to the team you are leading or plan to lead. Create value by taking up new tasks and brainstorming on how to go about  it because the solutions to task problems aren’t waiting and ready for selection, you will have to be creative with your team, think and pick the most appropriate one for the current task at hand. Doing all these will provide you with experiences for future and bigger tasks in the future.

Adding value to team will require you to take responsibilities for the actions, taking charge of the team leadership, sharing ideas and insights, working progressively on the goals and objectives stated and successfully achieving them. There is always opportunity for you as a beginner to add value without sideline others irrespective of the size of the organization.

Take up project with visibility advantage

Another way/step on becoming a manager as a dummy is by taking on projects that will provide you with good visibility and recognition. Working on bigger tasks and responsibilities successfully will give recognition and make you more visible to the top management if existing. Many top managers today were always raising their hands to bid for tasks and responsibilities as a dummy or beginner because this will give them exposure and necessary experiences in becoming a better manager. Before taking up projects, you should first identify the type of projects through meetings and conversations with others in the company after which you must break it down analytically in order to determine the ability to succeed on the tasks.

Calculated risks only

You will need to have a pioneering spirit and ability to take risk as a manager but that doesn’t imply that you should jump and take up projects without the right calculations as underperforming on a very critical project might cause you to lose your job faster than you think due to wastage of resources provided towards the achievement of goals. Before you take up as a beginner or dummy manager, you should take your time to analyze the project and the risks attached to such projects. There are no projects without risk however you should always take calculated risk before taking up any management role for any project. Have a backup for any plan you have as a management in order to reduce the risk attached to the project.

Have and become a mentor

Becoming a successful manager will require you to have a mentor in the management field and also becoming a mentor to your team as well. Having a mentor will provide with necessary experiences and case study that will help you push more forward than you think and broaden your thinking as well. Seek mentors in management by who impresses you with his or her management style or skills. Make sure you have close conversations with your mentors in order to gain new knowledge and insights on how to manage projects, teams and resources at your disposal. Mentoring will bring about humbleness to your life as a manager knowing that no man is an island of knowledge and we have to keep learning everyday of our life and pass the knowledge onto others as well.

Be accountable and support others

A successful manager is a type who is accountable for his or her actions. Be bold and speak up when necessary. Have empathy as a manager and support your members in your team as well. Never put blame on others for mistakes rather you can try and correct way in the best way you can. This will increase their respect for you as a manager and provide them with a greater sense of responsibility as you have learnt and practice by yourself or through your mentors. Managing human resources is a very delicate act which require a good balance in between. Take time to know more about those who works in your teams and provide support where necessary.

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