How to become an event planner

Life is so full of different events taking place. All events no matter how big or small require proper planning and implementation in order to drive such an event to success. Your events may be special or not and must be planned properly in order to serve as a good experience. Events ranges from celebrations (fairs, weddings, parades, reunions, birthdays, anniversaries), promotions (product launches, political rallies, fashion shows), education (conferences, graduations, meetings, seminars), commemorations (memories, civic events).

Planning an event requires involve tasks such as conducting research about the events, creating an event design, preparation of budgets, finding a suitable location, arrangement for food, decor and entertainment, logistics/transportation scheduling, sending of invitations to potential and prospective attendees, provision of accommodations for attendees where necessary, coordination of activities of event personnel, site/location supervision, evaluations of event after holding. Doing all these successfully will help the event planner run the event to success.

Today, event planning has become one of the most sought-after career and profession. Apart from being one of the most sought-after careers, it is also a promising one and path to pursue. Many are into event planning as a full-time job while some consider it as a side hustle. No matter your perception of the job, you should take all necessary steps towards becoming a successful event planner. Event planning is an incoming generating income that consists of a number of professions within. It will require a lot of creativity, energy and skills from the event planner in order to be able to handle changes and unforeseen circumstances in the process of planning an event.

In order to becoming a professional event planning, the following steps are recommended in order to become a successful event planner.

1. Get formal training

In order to become an event planner, you are required to take engage in formal training in order to be educated about the profession. Event planning is not something you can do with your own thinking alone but you can be great while you acquire formal training on event planning. This training must involve some levels of practical in order to give you the required experiences and some certifications in order to boost your chances of being selected among the many competitors who are willing to put in for the same project.  

The acquisition of formal training will help on your path towards becoming an event planning as event planning requires and involves a large number of tasks which may be allocated to some personnel in your team in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness. The formal training will give you the required insights and experiences that concerns planning an event. You can test yourself after such classes by taking up event planning tasks from small to big depending on your level of training and experiences. You can also take up some courses online concerning event planning with certificates or earn a degree in meeting and event management in order to become professional event planner.

2. Have experiences

Becoming a professional event planner is not very easy as many think as you will require a lot of experiences in order to become a successful event planner. You can try to be part of an event planning team expected to plan a big event or engage in event planning activities both nationally and internationally. These experiences will guide you on your towards becoming a successful event planner. You need to ride on the experiences to prevent you from making mistakes that has also happened in the past. Having experiences will help you determine and decide on the type of events you will like to plan and the type of event planner you will like to become.

Each stream of event planning has its own advantages and disadvantages therefore you must decide the type of event planner you want to become in life in order to thread on the path towards become successful without mistakes. You will need to pick the right type of events to plan and the one wish will provide you with reasonable amount of pay at the end of such task.

3. Learn industry technology

As an event planner, you must be well-versed with the technologies used in the industry in order to help to be more professional in your activity. You may be required to earn some certification in project management, customer relationship management and marketing software in order to become more aware and acquainted with the industry technology. All these will help in simplifying your work and help you create more awareness than you think.

4. Build your own portfolio

After the acquisition of degree or formal training on event planning and obtain some level of experiences, you are expected to build your own portfolio as an event planner. Building your portfolio will require you that you successfully planned some events in the pasts and demonstrating your capability to take on any event that requires planning.

Having a compelling and well written portfolio will help you in getting larger gigs and clients in a great way. Make sure you keep tabs and notes of challenging and non-challenges events you have planned in the past successfully and ensure you categorize to show your dynamisms in event planning. This will boost your chance of being selected when applying for gigs.

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