How to become a farmer with little or no experience

Nowadays, farming is one of the most lucrative and profitable business activities anyone can engage in with little or no experience. There is no country in the world where farming is prohibited for the citizens but only regulated if the government sees the necessity to do so. Farmers are those who feed the nation reducing the level of hunger and malnutrition among people living in the world. Most farmers farm for the love of farming and some professional doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers and many others still farm despite earning a good income from their current job. Farming is a thing of joy to them as they love to watch and nurture both the growth and survival of plants or animals through their farm activities.

In order to be a farmer, the following steps in this career post will guide on how to become a successful one.

Decide and learn about farming

One of the very first you can and must take as an amateur farmer is to make the decision and seek current knowledge on how to go about your farming activities. Farming is a job which requires a lot of hard work and poses a huge amount of responsibility on the owner or farmer. Farmer is not a get rich quick scheme but it has the potential of transforming your financial status if it’s done carefully and in the right way. You will need to seek knowledge on how to plant, types of plant and how to take care of them in order to be a good farmer. Different plants have different harvesting and fertilization period. Knowing all these will keep you focus on the necessary things to be done on the farm so as to have a good harvest or production at the end of the farming season. It is also good to note that they are different type of farming activities as farming is not only restricted to the planting and growing of crops alone.

Select the type of farming activities you will like to do

Farming contains and entails different activities as stated in the step above. Having find the right motivation for faming and learning about the farm process, you will need to decide on the type of farming activities you want to engage in in order to have that satisfaction that comes with farming. There are two common types of farming which are livestock farming and crop farming. While crop farming involves the planting and harvesting of seeds, livestock farming includes the activities of raising animals and animal product. While many farmers do these side by side, many focus on just one of the aspects of farming and do it maximally in order to become successful at farming. No matter the type of farming you wish to engage, you should have a good knowledge on how to go about it and the challenges that comes with such activities.

Network with other farmers

Gone are the days where people farm in solitude. You can easily find someone doing the same farming activities like you where you live or through the internet. You must learn the power of networking with other similar farmers and harness the benefits of doing do so totally. Many of these farmers aren’t startup or beginner as some of them might have been involved in such activity for more than a decade knowing the ins and outs of such farming activities. The experienced farmers must have experienced some big or small challenges while starting up the business. Networking with these farmers will give you the needed and necessary insights toward building a great farm successfully. You will also learn about the use of drugs and fertilizers, breeding and harvesting when you network with experienced farmers.

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