How to protect your home

It has been estimated widely that about 3.7 million homes on the average are broken into by intruders every year in the world. An intruder doesn’t only rob you of your sense of security but will also cart away all useful properties in your home no matter the value placed on them. It is very important for the home to have good security. One of the most useful steps to help you protect your home from intruders are recommended below:

Observe your surrounding and think proactively

As a homeowner, always make sure you are looking at the exterior of your home and observe your surroundings. It is one of the first step to take in order to protect your home from burglars. Take care of the environment by keeping all form of bushes away and mowing/trimming the grasses to a low level. Make sure you are on the lookout for any open areas or areas of weakness when taking a walk around and take necessary actions when spotted. Think proactively will make think like a burglar looking for easy access points into the home, low windows, doors with bad locks or unlocked ones or tall grasses where they can perfectly hide themselves.

Ensure the proper arrangements of electronic gadgets while making sure they are not easily close to the window where it can easily be seen both by you and passerby who maybe an intruder. Avoid having enticing burglars with costly electronics in sight. Youi can purchase and make use of window curtains in order to conceal the interior of your home and keep the items you have around safe as covered window poses as a difficulty for intruders in assessing the contents in your home.

You should have a garage where you can keep and park your means of transportation or exercises such as cars, trucks, bikes, bicycles, etc.

Light up your houses

The important of having good lightings around the home cannot be underrated as this will help to illuminate your environment and give you a clearer view at night. Most intruders carry out their activities in darkness therefore it is good to have great outdoor lighting in order to reduce their chances of attack. You can also protect your home through this method by installing a lamppost outside, keeping the front and back porch light on, encouraging the neighborhood on the necessity and need for streetlights across the street.

Another great invention for protecting your home from intruders or burglars is through the use of motion sensor lights for your environment. You can mount this in every corner of your home in order to put an end to intruder’s idea who might be look at your home as an easy target and surprised once they step their foots into your home.

Trimmed your bushes and shrubs neatly

Never let shrubs and bushes become overgrown while you are around and when you aren’t around as intruders may use as a hiding spot before and after their criminal activities. Also, keeping overgrown bushes and shrub might give intruders the idea of an empty when you aren’t or probably on vacation to another state or country. You can eliminate these problems and their potential hiding spots by keeping the bushes and shrubs low and neatly trimmed in order to be able to see everything that happened in that particular spot of your home. Once you do this, you have decreased the chances for the intruders to take cover and also increasing the chance of their arrests.

Make sure you don’t keep trees close to your building if it’s a story one as intruders might use the tree to gain entry to the second story of the house.

Use technologies to monitor your homes

The development and production of security cameras and video surveillance systems has helped in protecting a lot of homes from intruders. Many intruders shy away from invasion once they sight the presence of camera in your home and the video surveillance systems or equipment can help in the legal pursue of intruders when they invade your home when you are not around. Some of the technologies have lenses that make it easy for you to view activities going on during the daylight or at night.

Close your windows and doors  

No matter how secured an environment is, you as a home owner must ensure you close ad lock all necessary opening when you are about to sleep or when you are not around and will be staying a few days away. It is always better to be safe than sorry. You can make use of smart door locks if you are rich or too comfortable to make the effort. This will give you the status of your doors and indicate whether it is locked or not. The smart door locks will also notify you if you have a security breach.

Lock your garages door to protect your vehicles and make sure you don’t open them all night in order to prevent unauthorized entry.

Build and maintain good relationship with your neighbors

Building healthy and positive relationship/connections with your neighbors will help protect you in some way. You will feel safer when you aren’t around as those neighbors at home will help you keep a good eye on your properties depending on the level of relationship between you and them.

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