How to raise your kids in today's world

Becoming a parent is one of the biggest responsibilities in today’s world. Many parents have failed to successfully raise and train their kids leading a lot of individual and societal problems while many have also toed the path of successful parenting by raising and training their kids in a responsible and proper manner. The kids we have can’t really take care of themselves that’s why they are blessed with their parents to guide their path towards becoming a responsible and great person. How great and impacting a childhood was will greatly help in determining the adulthood stage of the kids when he or she grows up and help themselves become what they have always dreamt of.

As parents, it is important to note that the world trend today has raised the standard and qualification of a good parenting. Nowadays, you are required to take note of your child’s emotions and experiences and work on them, provide them with their basic needs and wants, orchestrate the child’s academic success, engage the child in productive activities, teaching the kids the right and wrong in the proper way without rigidity, it is important to note giving proper and adequate attention to your children is mandatory both in the past and more mandatorily presently due to the rapid changes taking place in the world. The kids now learn very fast, act smart and process information very quickly therefore the need for the right information is very important.

No matter how busy you are or how many jobs you are engage in, you mustn’t neglect your parenting responsibilities. The act of being a single parent is now a common norm although it is not advisable as both the mother and father has great role to play in the child’s life and this will help in shaping and forming the future of such kids. The high expectations from parent nowadays in line with accelerating pace of modern lifestyle indicate the importance of good parenting. Many kids now grow into becoming drug abusers, gamblers, bullies, criminals and many other bad vices as a result of bad parenting. All these problems do not only happen among the lower class or family or lower economic status but can surely happen in any family where there is bad parenting.

You should always take note of what happens in your children life and take necessary actions when you notice something that’s not right. You should take note of what your kids do online as a lot of contents that can shape the thinking and behavior of the kids are available freely online. The right use of technologies will help you in training and raising the kids in the right way. You can track your child’s online activity as they don’t really need to be accorded a high level of privacy in the beginning stage of their life. You should take note of the type of friends they walk and talk with and also the type of households they visit whenever they are chanced.

One of my blog posts on divorce explained why divorce is not the best answer when there are issues surrounding your marriages. Divorcing each other when you already have kids will change the kid’s life in some ways you may not easily comprehend which are mostly of negative impact. Despite the effect of divorce, many kids still end up with a great and responsible values and manners as long as one of the parents devote his or her time to become a responsible parent acting the role of two as one. However, this is not really advisable most times as it is not easy to carry all the responsibilities most times. One of the reasons why being divorced parents is not advisable is that one or both parents can always experience a high level of anger or sadness when the marriage crash or ends leading to some issues in parenting roles.

In order to raise your kids or children today, you should take note of the following measures and apply them in order to have the qualities of successful parenting


One of the most important of good and successful parenting is the ability to communicate with your kids in the right and appropriate manners. Learn how to listen to your children some times and never be the only one who makes the communication all time. This will help the kids to become more outspoken and willing to share whatever they are going through or experiencing since they have parents who are willing to listen to them and provide meaningful successful. Not communicating with your kids will make them harbor things to themselves secretly even when it endangers their wellbeing and life. Therefore, it is important to help your children by being a good communicator and listener. Show them that you value them as people whose opinions and decisions matter as well.


It is very important that you respect yourselves as parents as well as the kids. Never fight or argue in front of your kids whenever there are issues or disagreements in order to avoid impacting your children mental health negatively. Learn how to communicate and resolve issues with your partner whenever your children aren’t around. Keeping malice with your partner will affect the communication in the home as parents who are mostly having unresolved issues are often terrified and sentimental which will mostly affect the ability to collaborate and make decisions as parents. Respect is very important in order to raise your child and help them become responsible adults.


In order to raise your kids right, you should learn how to give them things they can own and control as the will always teach them how to be responsible for their actions. Children who are good at planning and evaluating their actions will build their frontal cortex, mental capacity and possess more control over their lives as they grow older. Let them try out new things that are right by themselves and correct them in the right ways when there is a mistake. Teach them how to engage In house work activities without being asked and appreciate them whenever they make a productive effort or achieve great things in life.

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  1. I agree with you that respect is essential. If you want your kids respect, you must first give them respect. I think many of the older generation think that kids should give respect without any possibility of them getting it in turn. after all they are just kids. but that's just not the right way to deal with kids. respect them and you will receive more trust and confidence from them

  2. These are great tips and so important for the world we live in today.

    Thanks for sharing!


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