How to become super rich with little or no money

Everyone wants to become rich as there is no gain in being poor according to every individual. Having money makes you rich but having more and more money will make you super-rich. Most of those who are rich today are still trying day and night to become super rich to attain the level of self-actualization which is impossible in most of the cases as taking a step in life will make you think of taking another step. You can’t become satisfied no matter the amount of money you have and this can be caused by different factors such as increasing bills, burning desire, decrease in the value of money, exchange rate and so on.

Many of those who are super-rich today have been noted as great thinkers, problem solvers or investors. Although some of the riches are inherited by some people however not everyone is fortunate enough to come from a rich family. It should rightly note that you also don’t need to be influential to become rich or super-rich in life. You can become super-rich as an ordinary trader, merchant, or businessman. Although, there are different definitions surrounding the concept of being rich in life. The most important to note is that being rich doesn’t only cover the amount of money you currently have in your bank or at hand but also your net worth as an individual.

According to the popular finance book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, one of the most important things that can set you on the path toward becoming financially buoyant is your real ability to differentiate between assets and liabilities. According to the bestselling and worldly recognized author, assets are what   money into your pocket while liabilities are what take money out of your pocket. The poor purchases liabilities thinking that they are assets which is why they find themselves in the rat race all through their life while those who are rich distinctively and consciously different assets and liabilities before spending making sure they are dealing with assets in most cases. The only way to make more money is by having more assets or investments.

Becoming super-rich in today’s world is not as difficult as seen in the past as there are over a thousand ways of making money now in the world for you to explore. Many people find it hard to get rich or super-rich because they aren’t aware or seek to do the right thing. We are all unlimited in our potential only if we are ready to see beyond our physical might. Figuring out your current stand and net worth will help you identify what you need to right now to become rich or super-rich in whatever you are currently doing or working on. No matter how poor or rich you are , you should never give up on becoming super-rich as you may only need to apply the following steps outlined below.

1. Prepare and get the rich mindset

One of the mistakes you should never make in life is thinking in line with your situation or present circumstances which may not be okay. Learn to be positive and have a good and rich mindset in whatever you do in life or on your investment. Life is full of lessons therefore be willing to learn, unlearn and relearn. The bigger part of your body called the mind is very powerful therefore the power must be utilized in the right way. Having a poor mindset in all situations and circumstances will only make you poorer and stagnant in one phase of life as you only keep making financial decisions that are poor and would embrace a poor lifestyle to suit yourself. Changing mindsets from poor to rich is only a matter of taking and embracing the right habits. To create a rich mindset, you will need to pick the right motivation and create what is called a financial vision board containing your financial goals hung on the wall to keep you motivated daily and working towards your financial goals. Also, you should learn how to read and engage with financial success stories to help you become more motivated and engraved in the right rich mindset.   

2. Build up your financial plan

Getting rich requires you to create a financial plan. You should learn how to create and build your financial plan by setting your financial goals which can be long-term or short-term depending on the number of years. Breaking your financial goals up will not make it impossible but easy to attain. Make sure you write down your financial goals and get the numbers calculated. You need to note the number of assets you will need to have to become super-rich. You should also try and avoid debts as the costs of debts are expensive and may build up through interests accumulated. Implement a strategy for paying off your debt and start saving money to become financially successful. Once you get into the habit of saving, your account start to build up and get healthy.

3. Budgeting

One of the most real facts in the world today is that people underestimated the power of budgeting except for the rich ones. Budgeting will keep you within your spending standards. Having a budget for all you do will make you accountable for all you spend. Many of those millionaires and billionaires you see in the world today spend with huge dependence on their budget to avoid over-spending and under-spending. Make sure you have a budget for your daily, monthly, or yearly spending. Remember the quote that “if you fail to prepare, then you prepare to fail”.

4. Never live above your means

One of the mistakes people are making which makes them poor and prevents them from getting rich is that they spend above their means. Why should you go for a T-shirt of $1000 when your current net worth is less than $500., That’s a bad financial plan and will only make you a debtor in the long run. Living below and within your means will help you spend less money and build up your savings account. This will be help attain the financial level you desire in life. Make sure you are cutting your expenses and erasing off the unnecessary expenses. Make sure you are living frugally to prioritize your spending and reduce your expenses thereby building your wealth. Also, making use of coupons and discounts will help save extra money and become better with your spending.

5. Have multiple streams of incomes

 Becoming super-rich requires you to have multiple streams of income derived from income-yielding investments. You should never put all your eggs in one basket. Having multiple streams of income will set you on the path of becoming super-rich rather than being dependent on a single stream which may or may not make you rich. You create multiple streams of income by investment in profit-yielding businesses and also diversify the investments. Investing will help you boost your current income. Diversifying your income will help grow your wealth and also create good financial security. A millionaire is said to have at least seven streams of income in order to keep growing.

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