Marriage and reasons why people get married

Marriage today have found its way into becoming one of the most respected and celebrated events in one’s life. Getting married in today’s world is equal to achievements in most people's lifestyle. The act of getting married is marriage. Marriage aside the merriments and celebrations attached to it requires great work and commitment by both parties getting married to make it work and worthwhile at the end of the journey. Many marriages today have suffered a lot of setbacks and challenges and ended up on the court paper in form of divorce. Divorce is not the best option for any marriage as the disadvantages attached to it far outweigh the advantages. The lack of commitment and hard work towards making marriage a successful one will make divorce the best option for the non-committed partner. Only if people can rewatch the tape of when they dating. A dating lifestyle can never be compared with marriage as the latter will expose and bring forth more challenges and facts than you were exposed to while dating.

Marriage is both a social and legal contract. It requires the mutual consent of both parties that are willing to get married. It mustn’t and shouldn’t be forced as this will not make the marriage a successful one in the long run. Marriage will change a lot of things in your life including the finances in many ways. The ability to adapt to these changes by the husband and wife or couples will determine the success and longevity of such union. Marriage lays the foundation for creating a family for yourself to whom you are and will be responsible. It is a lifetime commitment with little or no option to opt-out except in cases of divorce due to unredeemable circumstances. It helps you with the opportunity of being selfless. Selflessness in the sense that you learn how to put your family first and cater to them in all situations. All countries, religions, and tribes have their respective ways of conducting the marriage. The similarities between the ways that it is centered on the unification of two partners in becoming husband and wife that co-habit peacefully.

Different questions have been raised and asked concerning marriage in the past, presently, and also will be asked in the future. The questions are centered on the meaning of marriage, the purpose of marriage and the reasons why people get married. While the primary purpose of marriage is companionship and mutual comfort, the following are some of the reasons why people get married in the world

1. Companionship

Getting married to someone you love will provide you with the feeling of having a companion. You will have someone you can communicate your feelings. Companionship in marriage will provide with the opportunity of solving your problems easily as the couples will strive to make progress and find a lasting solution to each other problems or trials. Your level of trust in your partner will increase when you get married to him or her leaving you with no doubt about your exposing your secrets or talking about your goals and aspirations in life.

2. Love

One of the biggest reasons for marriage and the key facilitator of the process of getting married is the power of love. You can’t get married to someone you hate as such marriage will only be heading for doom. Getting married to someone you love shows that your partner is dependable, selfless, caring, and possess all the rich qualities of a partner. Although no one is perfect in creation, getting married to someone you love means that you are willing to let go of the downsides and work together towards a great future. Love is the pillar that upholds a marriage. It’s what keeps the couples going through the trying period. Love is a good reason why people get married and are willing to stay married.

3. Commitment

People get married to get committed to someone and have a long-lasting purpose. Commitment in marriage will enhance the life of such marriage making it look like an easy ride at the end of the whole process when it isn’t Being committed will make you more responsible and accountable for your actions. Commitment will teach the act of reciprocating and being selfless. When you get married, you are rightly and willingly getting committed to your partner and the journey as well.

4. Family security

Marriage provides security for the couples. You are always watching each other back and protecting each other always. The security in marriage becomes stronger and more important when you start having kids. The act of having kids is another reason for marriage. Marriage gives to you a family to secure.

5. Legal Status

Marriage is a legal contract and many marriages nowadays have legal backing, therefore, providing some sense of security for the husband and wife. The legal status of marriage will ensure the fulfillment of responsibilities by each partner and also provide an avenue for settlement during disagreements or family issues.

6. Religious Belief

Another reason why people get married is due to religious beliefs. The belief that getting married is ordained by God for human beings is held across most of the religions especially Islam and Christianity.

Although there are reasons why people get married, there are also reasons for avoiding marriage or probably don’t want to get married

1. Avoiding responsibility

Many people avoid marriage to the rings of commitment and responsibilities. Many of these people are self-centered and are not ready to trade their convenience, time, and comfort for any other thing or share them with another person.

2. Bad Relationship Experience

Bad experiences during relationships are one of the reasons why some people avoid marriage for so long while some do not get married at all. The fear of being rejected after commitment is a risk they don’t want to take again in life.

3. Personal Belief

The belief that you don’t need to be committed to anyone and the belief that marriage isn’t for everyone are some of the reasons why some people avoid marriage today.

4. Fear

The fear of divorce, the fear of commitment, and also the fear of marriage are other reasons why some do avoid marriage.

5. Being single for too long

Many people have been so singled up to the level that there is a belief that they need no other person to live their life maximally. There is danger in being single for too long as you will get too comfortable with the lifestyle and avoid marriage if not at all cost. 

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  1. I have two friends who have gotten married really quickly, as in, knowing each other less than a year. I think they were afraid of getting married after thirty, which I think is an irrational fear. But anyway, hopefully it works out.


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