How to make money as a teen

Many teenagers want to make money today. There is always a time in life when the need to learn how to earn and manage one’s financial resources especially money. Most of us during our early childhood day were mostly dependent on how parents who provide us with the basic allowances needed for our daily living and expenses although the expenses are quite minimal. Many of these allowances are paid in exchange for the work done as an appreciation for the effort exerted. Getting paid and rewarded by your parents will provide you with the meaning of earning money. However, not everyone will have the opportunity to learn how to earn money during their childhood days therefore there is a great need to learn how to make and earn money during our teenage years and adulthood.

During your teenage years, you may not really have the opportunity of getting money from your parents or probably you see the need of not asking and making your own money instead. Without money, you will find it a bit difficult to sort out basic financial expenses such as clothing, feeding, gadgets purchase hence the need to learn how to make money. Also from the basic expenses, there might be a need to save money for education, buying a car, going for vacation or having your own space. There are some benefits of making money as a teenager and while you are in your teen age. Apart from teaching you the importance of priority and resource management (money and time), it will also provide you with work experiences that are valuable making you more marketable in the future when pursuing a career in a selected field. Another benefit of making money as a teen is that it builds confidence in terms of skillset and knowledge. Having humility together with confidence will distinguish from other job seekers.

Some of the ways to make money as a teenager are:

1. Survey

Survey is a way of providing answers to certain questions that are most times multi-choice. Paid surveys are widely available online and will serve as a way of making money as a teenager. It’s so simple to complete online survey however there is a need to selective when taking surveys to avoid making mistakes. You are mostly required to give your own opinion and earn some rewards for taking your time to do so. These rewards and points are redeemed with gift cards or PayPal depending on the survey platform.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks have proved to be a good way of making money over the years and this is one of the areas you can tap into as a teenager. Points are gathered on Swagbucks by watching videos, searching the web, answering questions and shopping online. The points are converted to gifts card and are redeemed for payment on trusted sites.

3. Camp counselor

You can apply for the post of camp counselors a teenager to make money. During summer camps, people who are hardworking and energetic people are needed to keep mentoring the campers. Apart from the financial rewards that comes with being camp counselor, you will also learn how to build positive relationship with other people and enjoy the games and activities that comes with camping.

4. Babysitting/Pet sitting

Babysitting is one of the most common jobs in the United States. Almost everyone needs a babysitter due to busy schedule and a trusted one to be precise. You can get this gig by building and maintaining good relationship with your neighbors who have younger kids, teachers or family friends. You can also put the services online to attract more customers. You can also engage in pet sitting provided you are lover of animals to earn some money.

5. Freelancing

Another way of making money as a teenager is by engaging in freelancing activities. Freelancing has to do with rendering services for other people virtually or remotely in exchange for payment. Your skills will determine the type of freelance activities you will take up. For example, a talented writer might take up article writing, copywriting as their mode of freelancing. Freelancing services also include graphic design, programming, songwriter and so on. People are willing to hire different people for different services in return for payment. Some of the freelance platforms include Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork.  

6. Social Media Manager

Many of those who run online business don’t really have time for social media activities and are always willing and ready to hire social media manager for their business therefore you can present yourself if you have the skill as a teenager to earn some amount of money on a permanent or contract basis.

7. Blogs

Blogging is a good source of income and a legitimate way of making money in as much there is good traffic coming to your blog. You will earn money on your blog by running ads or through the promotion of affiliate links for some commissions.

8. Start a YouTube channel

As a creative teenager, you can make money by starting a YouTube channel. The platform has proved to be source of making money through it’s monetization programs and policies. You can start by learning how to make YouTube videos especially on a topic people are interested in to drive more traffics, engagements and subscribers to your channel.

9. Become a tutor

Monetize your knowledge by teaching others what they don’t know about a topic or a subject. You can earn up to 30% per hour through tutoring. While some platform pays on hourly basis, there are also some platforms that pays on monthly basis. The payment is mostly determined by the complexity of the topic to be taken and also the feedback.  

10. Make things and sell them

Never waste your talents. You can always make new things in form of painting, t-shirts, hand letters and books selling them on platform such as Etsy, Amazon and so on.

Make sure you are saving a large part of the money you make as a teen to aid your education and also met up with financial responsibilities in cases of emergencies.

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